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O&M Power Electrical Training Center Competitiveness
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    O&M Power Electrical Training Center Competitiveness

O&M Power International Electrical Training Center is one of the key training bases developed from the strategy of "Talents-Based Grid Development" and the aim of "one strength and three excellencies" (A strong Grid, Excellent Assets, Excellent Services, and Excellent Performance) of State Grid Corporation of China. The Center has simulation equipment certified by China Electricity Council and is adequately equipped with training rooms and multi-function rooms. The training center provides simulation for all-around operators and job-specific training, troubleshooting exercises, skill competition, skill assessment, and internship practices. Our extensive technical communication and cooperation with power plants and research institutions all around China enables us to provide quality training service.

O&M Power International Electrical Power Training Center

Add: 3rd FL Building C, Hangchuang International Square, Shenzhou 4th Road, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Head office Tel: 0086 (0)29 82481888    E-mail: ompower@163.com
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