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Successfully Completion of Power Generation & Heating Supply for Tajikistan Capital in Winter by O&M Power
Issued Time :2020-04-24 09:26:06

Power generation and winter heating from 2019-2020 in Tajikistan, a Central Asian country, has been lasted for 187 days conducted by  O&M Power,  starting on Oct. 16th, 2019 until the morning of April 19th, 2020, with the total power generation of 1.27 billion KWh, heating supply of 368,000 GKcal, and total coal consumption of 950,000 tons. Since 2014, this is the sixth time that the O&M Power has successfully completed the task of power generation and winter heating in Duschanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, since 2014.

Safety and technology disclosure before unit shutdown

Looking back on the whole winter heating and power generation, although there are tens of thousands of operations and thousands of defects elimination, excellent achievements have been achieved, without occurrence of one responsibility-caused unplanned shutdown and without occurrence of  unsafe events.

On April 4th, 2020, the capital suffered from power shortage due to a major failure of Nurek Hydropower station in Tajikistan. O&M Power Tajikistan project department urgently started up another three units which were shut down in the previous to meet the power grid demand within 48 hours. During the period, each engineer, technical backbones, and management personnel at all levels were on the forefront for 48 hours. Therefore, the Energy Minister of Tajikistan, as well as the vice-president of the Power Company paid a special visit to the site, condoled with O&M Power team and gave high praise.

In the work of 2019-2020 winter heating and power generation, unit #1 & 2 of phase I are successfully transformed from the previous on-site operation guarantee by  O&M Power project to the operation under the Tajik operators; the unit #3 & 4 of phase II are operated by the most Tajik operators under the careful training of the project department. Since Feb. 17th, 2020, all operation posts of the whole plant are occupied by the Tajik staff.

With the spreading of COVID-19 in the world, O&M Power can strictly abide by the various measures to prevent th

e epidemic, conduct personal protects well, disinfect public areas carefully, and  implement the forth version of Epidemic Prevention and Control Outside China strictly. All the members of the project department keep stay at site and continue to complete the production task, do not return to country for vacation nor cause t any trouble to the country.

After the end of the heating season and unit shutdown, there is still plenty of work to do, including safety measures for equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance acceptance, equipment preservation, operator training, and skill improvement of Chinese personnel, etc. The project department will be in accordance with summer maintenance plan, summer defects elimination plan and equipment technical renovation plan to complete this summer maintenance plan with high quality and efficiency, so as to lay a solid foundation for the winter operation in 2020-2021.

Tajikistan Project Department    Li Genxu

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