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Fighting on the Production Line and Adhering to the Epidemic Prevention &Control Report on the Epidemic Prevention & Control of Tajikistan Project Department
Issued Time :2020-02-11 09:20:21

The breakout of  epidemic is  a command and it is our responsibility to prevent and control it. The Tajikistan project department has launched the epidemic prevention and control work in the first place since receiving the notice about the COVID-19 from the company on January 23rd, 2020, deploying a series of prevention and control measures for strict control and scientific prevention.

I.Environmental disinfection
1.The project department arranges specially-assigned person immediately to disinfect densely populated area with the 84 disinfectant once every 4 hours, including central control room, coal handling control room, water treatment control room, office building, dormitory corridor, and canteen and so on.

The operator is disinfecting in CCR.

The lady is disinfecting the canteen.

II.The epidemic prevention and personnel protection in the project department

1.The project department purchases medical masks at local, distributes these masks to staff as soon as possible, and requests everybody to wear the special medical mask in the densely populated area, such as the CCR.

Operators are monitoring the DCS.

2.The project department arranges Li Genxu from the General Affairs Department to follow up the staff that has symptoms such as catching a cold, having a fever or coughing and so on. If anyone who has a fever will be sent to the Iran Hospital, a local hospital with good medical conditions, as soon as possible, and the project department will also arrange a separate room to carry on the quarantine observation.

3.All the staff of the project department measures the body temperature twice a day, and the staff with fever has to measure body temperature every two hours and report the data to the general affairs department and the project department.

4.There are more than 800 Tajik employees at site, and influenza is common in winter and spring. Considering that many Tajik employees catch colds and the possibility of cross infection occurs, through communication with the owner, once the Tajik employees catch cold, fever or cough, they will be arranged to have a rest and do not come to site, which reduces the way for cross infection of Chinese and Tajik people due to a cold.

III.Management of personnel outgoing and visitor reception

1.In order to strengthen the outgoing management, all the staff is prevented from going out. Two maintenance personnel will be assigned to be responsible for the Chinese staff in and out at the north and south gates of the power plant. Any Chinese staff is not allowed to go out unless there is request for leave approved by the project department.

2.For any Chinese personnel from other units who come to the project department for work discussion will not be allowed to enter into the  plant. And all reception and visit work shall be communicated by mobile phone.

3.For the purchase of the staff¡¯s daily necessities, the project department will arrange unified procurement on Wednesday and Saturday. Before  purchase, the list of personal necessities should be handed over to the general affairs department, and then the department will arrange the driver to go out for procurement in accordance with the list.

4.The security department will acquire video at the north and south gates before 9 a.m. every morning to check the staff¡¯s outing in the previous 24 hours. After checking, the conditions of the previous 24 hours will be sent to the management group of the project department as soon as possible.

5.For  works need to go out, such as to participate in the weekly meeting of Import and Export Office, clean new villa for the Embassy, Economic Division, Import and Export Office, the staff should be provided with a unified vehicles and work outside with permit by the project department

6.In order to prevent accidental infection during the outbreaks, the passenger  seat at the first row is not allowed to be occupied when it is necessary to go out.

7.Those who take vacations in China before the Spring Festival will not be allowed to return to the site until the domestic epidemic has been over, and their flight tickets have been refunded before the Spring Festival.

8.Personal gathering dinners are forbidden, and the Tajikistan Project Department Spring Festival Gala also has been canceled temporarily. During the production meeting, the doors and windows will be opened, and the meeting time also has to be shortened so as to reduce the concentration of personnel.

9.The project department communicates with the import and export office of TBEA, and the import and export office will be responsible for contacting with China Southern Airlines to know about the conditions regarding the return of Chinese (especially born in Hubei) personnel to Tajikistan after the Spring Festival. Anyone is prohibited from contacting with this group of people.

IV.The project department¡¯s study on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the understanding of employee¡¯s changes in thoughts

1.Learning of prevention and control of knowledge

The project department makes full use of network platforms, like wechat group of the project, QQ group to arrange all the staff to learn about Prevention of COVID-19 online issued by the company and the party A, and sign after the completion of learning.

2.Understanding of employee¡¯s changes in thoughts

Make use of network platforms, including Wechat groups, QQ groups and so on, to popularize the significance of the epidemic prevention control for all the staff. For individual personnel who have requested to return to China due to various reasons, the project department conducts ideological guidance and dredging immediately so as to eliminate the fear state of mind.

3.All staff are required to achieve scientific prevention and control, without fear, and the project department will timely transfer scientific measures for epidemic prevention and control announced by the National Health Commission in Wechat and QQ groups

4.The project department contacts timely with the Chinese Embassy in Tajikistan and reports to the embassy the dynamic conditions of all the staff (including entry time, domestic birthplace, physical condition, etc.) and obtains more domestic information through the embassy.

Life is of paramount importance. It is now a critical moment to generate electricity and supply heat for the people of Tajikistan, and it is not the absence of fear, but the mission that encourages us to move forward and the responsibility makes us unavoidable. Through implementing a series of safe and effective protective measures, the Tajikistan project department builds a solid line of defense for the compatriots who are monitoring the control panelssilently and operate the panel meticulously, so as to make sure that all members are healthy.

Tajikistan Project Department Li Genxu
Feb. 10th, 2020

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