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Control Epidemic, Stick to Positions, Fight Against Pandemic, And Guarantee Production!
Issued Time :2020-02-11 09:17:17

The COVID-19 pandemic touches the hearts of countless people, the Tongchuan Project Department of Shaanxi O&M Power sticks to positions while strictly controlling the epidemic. Although we're afraid,  but it is the responsibility that makes us unavoidable, it is the mission that encourages us to move forward, and it is the duty that urges us value public benefits above individual interests.

Around the Spring Festival, the project department responds rapidly to the outbreaks in the first time, embracing responsibility with passion, and carries out mass prevention and mass treatment, to guarantee personal safety and health, the stability of the project team and the safety of the enterprise production during the effective prevention of the epidemic by making every effort to fulfill its duty.

During the outbreak, the project department immediately launches joint prevention and control, sets up an epidemic prevention and control team to avoid personnel gathering, measure body temperature of the project personnel regularly, disinfect the office area, residential area and shuttle bus periodically, and carefully check whether all personnel have any contact history with people in Wuhan, or history of travel Wuhan since January. Meanwhile, the project department pays attention to the movement of all staff timely, and everyone should try to avoid getting out, if outgoing is required, detailed records should be made and personal protection measures should be made thoroughly and carefully. Relevant data are reported to the plant office in the every morning and evening. On the basis of completing the field production and the living camp hygiene work, the staff of the project department actively cooperates with the Mianyang Power Plant and the regional epidemic prevention and control agency to meet the relevant requirements and make good publicity.

This is the second Spring Festival in the production and operation of the Tongchuan Project Department of Shaanxi O&M Power. Facing the spread of the COVID-19 and the arduous task of safe and environmentally-friendly production, more than 80 employees of the project department stick to the production line, actively carry out epidemic prevention and production safety, and contribute themselves into into the task of  "fight against the epidemic to ensure production"

Shaanxi O&M Power Tongchuan Project Department    Li Rong
Feb. 10th, 2020

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