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Operators in P ower Plant---the Most Worthy of being Thumbs-up
Issued Time :2020-01-09 09:10:33

If using one idiom to describe the lives of operators in power plant, it will be the repeated shifting work; if using another idiom is to describe their work, it will be  panel monitoring and supervision going round and round with consistent caution.

Panel monitoring and supervision is the dull and monotonous activities; the operators must stare at the instrument and computer for 6 hours every shift; and they shall adjust timely once any parameters beyond the range without neglect. Some people do not understand the hard work of the operators and feel that they are sitting there every day without any burden. Although the operators seem relaxed while sitting at work, they are not relaxed in their hearts. They must always observe the changes in instrument indications and make comparative analysis in order to deal with sudden changes, so there is an invisible psychological pressure in their hearts

The operation work is bland and trivial and it is not easy to catch people's attention, they are still dedicated to the unknown work to maintain the safe operation of unit and ensure the full load power generation and power supply.

They are the most ordinary people in power enterprises and they are making the safety records all the time. They are worthy of praise and are the loveliest people in the power plant.

They devoted themselves silently in their posts, sacrificed the moment of reunion with their families, and created a comfortable and happy life for people. They are the people who deserve our praise.

Cui Hujun / PCPC Project Department

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