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Safe Operation of Power Plant Goes Beyond the Boundaries
Issued Time :2020-01-09 09:07:31

I am a shift leader working in PCPC project department of O&M Power; Cao Ning. ,  There are many local people working together with us, and we have built strong friendship. We get along with them like a happy family.

Especially in safety issues, we remind each other, monitor each other, learn from each other, and discuss with each other. We cannot speak English very well so our Philippine friends always remind us of danger with simple English "not good" and they also give us a timely notification in case of equipment abnormity.

Safe  production is the common aspiration of the staff of the two countries. No matter when or where we are, we must not relax our vigilance and be too careless at all. Life 's most precious thing is life, and enterprises" most precious thing is safe production and top technical force.
Only safe and sound production can guarantee the friendship between the staff and the country. We don't allow anyone to break up the friendship between us
Safety in production is related to the development and stability of employees' families, enterprises and even the two countries. Therefore, as the front-line production staff of our two countries, we should take on responsibility earnestly, to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to the family, the company and the country in a realistic way. Put a safety pin on our country to prove we can do it

During the work, the staff of both countries jointly implement the rules and regulations of the companies of both countries and strictly enforce the labor disciplines. We learn from each other, cooperate with each other, and remind each other. We strictly implement the "two permits, three systems and safety assessment." All our efforts aim to ensure the correct, accurate and safe operation and ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.

There is no trifle for safety and safety does beyond boundaries. Safety is related to everyone working in this power plant. Let's be a transmitter of safety and make safety a common goal despite the different language. Let's uphold the banner of "safety first, precaution crucial and comprehensive management" to put the safety production into practice and seed the safety awareness in our heart. Only in this way can our countries and companies grow stronger and stronger.

Safety makes our life shine and prolongs our life who work in the international engineering. We have a sincere hope of preventing accident and avoid the repeated tragedy. We must ensure the safety in production to win glory for the motherland and prove our capability.

In the end, let's serve the safety production as the guideline, ensure the personal safety and steady operation of work to greet the new year. I hope there is no typhoon before the coming of Chinese New Year.

Cao Ning/PCPC Project Department

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