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Safety Inspection of PCPC Power Plant in the Philippines
Issued Time :2019-12-13 09:00:48

To carry out The Notice of Strengthening the On-Site Safety Risk Control of Each Project released by headquarters, under the leadership of the project manager, all the operation and maintenance personnel investigated the risks of personal injury and hidden dangers of equipment. the maintenance personnel were required to deal with the hidden dangers and defects in time; otherwise, the risk prevention and control measures shall be arranged.

The project manager chaired a training to explain the impact of coal emission parameters and the precautions of limestone system during operation. This training laid a solid foundation to meet the environmental protection target.

Regarding the stacking of inflammable, explosive materials and raw coal as well as the spontaneous combustion, the assistant manager gave the guidance to engineers and shift leaders. He asked everyone to do their best to prevent dust pollution.

The raw coal is flammable and explosive with high volatile content, so the strengthened patrol inspection, firing point handling and coal bunker temperature supervision are required and the normal operation of carbon dioxide equipment must be ensured.

Vigilance must be maintained at all time to ensure the safe production. Through the carpet inspection, this safety inspection not only improves the awareness of risk prevention and control, but also lays a good foundation for the safe and stable operation of the unit.

Wang Pingshun/ O&M Project Department of PCPC

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