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Another Success for O&M Power Indonesian Kendari Project
Issued Time :2019-12-09 17:04:40

At 08:00 on November 25th,  unit #2 of Indonesia Kendari 3 2x50MW coal-fired power plant passed the 720-hour safe operation test successfully. During the trial operation, all the technical indicators met the design requirements, and the unit was in good condition and this major node was completed with high efficiency and quality, laying a solid foundation for the project handover and commercial operation.

The 720-hour operation test is an important part of the unit in commercial operation for Indonesian Kendari power plant phase III. In order to ensure the successful completion of this trial operation, the project department attaches great importance to it and organizes personnel arrangement meticulously. All the personnel at site are mentally prepared to offer their immediate professional assistance, proactively cooperate with the requirements of the owner and the general contractor, seriously conduct regular on-site inspection and handle defects timely. Key positions are monitored by specially-assigned personnel so as to respond to and handle troubles quickly to ensure the successful completion of the trial operation. The O&M personnel once again demonstrated their exquisite skills in the operation of thermal power plants, and  highly appreciated by the owner and the general contractor.

For decades, O&M Power has responded positively to the call of the Party and the country, catching  up with the national pace of "One Belt One Road", and made great efforts for the construction of "One Belt One Road",. The successful completion of the 720-hour trial operation of Kendari power plant unit #2 is another achievement of O&M Power personnel in the Southeast Asian market.

Next, the unit will go to the stage of performance test, all the personnel of the project department will continue putting forward the fine style of hard working, sum-up experience, meticulous and optimized operation, to  realize the commercial operation of the unit as soon as possible. Once unit is put into operation, it will alleviate the power shortage in the Southeast Sulawesi region of Indonesia and provide a strong impetus for local economic construction and development.

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