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Indonesia South Kalimantan project completed successfully, letter of thanks from the owner
Issued Time :2014-07-07 16:14:04

On June 20, 2014, with the completion of #3 full load examination after unit overhaul, the owner PLN, general contractor and NWPower personnel of Indonesia South Kalimantan project were in high spirits, they congratulate on completion of #3,#4 units quality guarantee work and successfully hand over to PLN.

They look back the project construction process in the past years with passion, recollect happiness and setbacks during cooperation work and cherish friendship established in the project. They appreciate NWPower South Kalimantan project department for the remarkable performance in training, gauge installation guidance, commissioning guidance, commissioning, operation and quality guarantee work and they hope that there will be further cooperation in the future and create new success! The general contractor Sichuan Chengda company Indonesia South Kalimantan project department sent letter of thanks to NWPower for the remarkable performance.

Shaanxi Northwest Power Generation Corporation, Ltd:
Since your company arrived at Indonesia South Kalimantan project three years ago in 2010, you have overcome a series of disadvantages and obstacles such as bad traffic, vicious weather and joint group mode. You have cooperated with us with sincere attitude and have established trustworthy relationship with the owner. In the process of training, gauge installation, commissioning operation and quality guarantee work, your company South Kalimantan project department worked hard with delicate skill and cooperated with us properly, which is of great importance for project advance. Due to your unyielding support, the South Kalimantan project become the second to generate power among 10s power plant in Indonesia. And one-year quality guarantee work of #4 and #3 has been successfully finished on May8, 2014 and June 19, 2014 and has been handed over to PLN. We are thought highly of by the owner.
For this reason, on behalf of Sichuan Chengda Engineering Company Indonesia South Kalimantan project, we present our sincere gratitude to your company leader and to the personnel who have participated in training, commissioning and operation South Kalimantan project. It is our wish taht we can continue to support each other in future cooperation and create win-win situation!
China Chengda Engineering Company Indonesia South Kalimantan project department

Group photo of Chengda South Kalimantan project on-site personnel and NWPower team after quality guarantee work has been terminated.

Group photo of the owner PLN South Kalimantan project manager and NWPower operation and maintenance team after quality guarantee work has been terminated

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