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The Blowpipe Successfully Completed in Medan Project
Issued Time :2014-06-17 16:34:21

On June 7, 2014, following arrangement and deployment of Medan project in Indonesia and under perfect cooperation with commissioning company and NWPower, Medan blowpipe work has started.

Blowpipe started. This is a picture of silencer

When the blowpipe was started, Manager Zhou directed the work in CCR, shift leader gave orders, and chief operator on duty stayed at his post and focused on the panel to inspect actual changes of water level, temperature and pressure.

Manager Zhou inspected execution of work in CCR

NWPower staff monitoring the panel and pay close attention to water level and flame condition.

Accompanied by Project Manager Zhou Limin of Medan project and the leader of Operation department Sun Yong, Mr. Wu, deputy general manager of NWPower and general manager of NO.6 Engineering Division, who was inspecting Medan project, came to the site to guide the blowpipe operation. General Manager Wu claimed that this was another breakthrough after auxiliary power has been energized. He demanded that our staff should operate accurately with high sense of responsibility. He also encouraged all the staff to keep up spirits and devote themselves to work.

Manager Wu talking with the shift leader

During the blowpipe operation, the owner, commissioning company and our staff and leaders all stayed at their posts without complaints in order to make the plant generate power at an early date and bring light to this land.

Owner, project department, commissioning company and our staff working together

After making unremitting endeavor, 116 target, 117 target and 118 target were successfully targeted three times in a row. At 4:05 on June 11, Indonesia supervisor and Director Yang of commissioning maintenance signed their names to confirm that the blowpipe operation was successfully completed, which indicates that the overall working plan of Medan project department up to a new level. For the time being, all NWpower personnel in Medan project are in high spirits, they claim that they will continue to face new challenges with more passion and enthusiasm.

Luo Lintao from Medan project department

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