Monday, August 8, 2016

Rio Olympics Recap: Days 1 - 3 (Gymnastics, Tennis, Swimming, + Cycling)


After qualifying on Saturday as the number two team in the world, the USA Men's Gymnastics Team fell in the Team Finals today. They finished in fifth place. 

My Thoughts: Although a disappointing loss, it was not a shocker. Despite what is being thrown about in a lot of articles, Leyva's fall on high bar actually had nothing to do with our loss. Yes, it was sad to see. Yes, it should not have happened. Yes, it was another nail in the coffin. However, if Leyva had not fallen off and executed his routine exactly as he had during Qualifications, we would have still landed ourselves in fifth place!! 

It was not on Leyva to "save the USA" or win us the gold. It was not going to happen, fall or no fall. This is the same thing with Great Britain. If Smith had not fallen off the Pommel Horse and scored exactly the same as he had in Qualifications, they still would not have placed third. Every single score adds up throughout the competition. If you stay consistent, as Japan did, you will win. If you are all over the place, you won't. It is as simple as that. 

The USA team had two 43's and two 44's. You cannot win Olympic medals with those types of scores. It was all of the little mistakes throughout the competition that caused them the loss. Not one fall. 

With all my heart and soul I wanted us to win. It didn't happen. Hopefully in 2020 we will produce a different result. What we do have to look forward to is the Men's All-Around and Individual Competitions. It's NOT over!! :D 

Team Finals - Gold (Japan); Silver (Russia); Bronze (China) 

Wednesday, August 10th: Men's All-Around Final  
Sunday, August 14th: Men's Floor and Pommel Horse Finals 
Monday August, 15th: Men's Rings and Vault Finals (USA doesn't have anyone for either of the two) 
Tuesday August, 16th: Men's Parallel Bars and High Bar Finals 

The USA Women's Gymnastics Team is going into tomorrow's Team Finals event as the number one team from the qualifying round by just under 10 POINTS. 

My Thoughts: I would never say we have it in the bag, but if we did, it would be with these five. I think we can definitely get gold straight across the board- Team, All-Around (Biles #1, Raisman #2), Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor. This is only as long as nerves don't get the best of them. Trials and Qualifications are completely different then Finals. Nothing else matters than how you perform when it really counts. The USA Men's Gymnastics Team is a prime example of that. 


Venus Williams was defeated in the first round of singles on Saturday. I noticed during the competition that she did not look right. It seemed as if she wanted to throw up during the entire match. She really did look ill. Later her coach confirmed that she was sick before arriving to Brazil, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Other Tennis shockers includes Williams/Williams losing in the first round of doubles on Sunday. The Los Angeles Times reported that it was their first defeat in the Olympics as a team. On the same day, Djokovic also lost in the first round of singles. That was a complete shocker! 

Nadal won his first round of singles, however he did have some complaints. He was not thrilled with the low light intensity or a sign that was placed too centered behind the court. Considering he is one of the very best, I do think it should be looked into. 

Murray won his first round of singles; however, he and his brother lost the first round of doubles. 


Saturday - 
Kalisz placed second in the Men's 400m IM. 
Dirado placed second in the Women's 400m IM. 
Team USA placed second in the Women's 4x100m freestyle relay. 

Sunday - 
Vollmer placed third in the Women's 100m butterfly. 
Miller placed third in the Men's 100m breaststroke. 
Ledecky set a WORLD RECORD and placed first in the Women's 400m freestyle. 
Team USA placed first in the Men's 4x100m freestyle relay (PHELPS DID IT AGAIN!! This is his 19th Olympic gold medal #winning). 

Monday - 
Dwyer placed third in the Men's 200m freestyle. 
Baker placed second in the Women's 100m backstroke. 
Murphy set an Olympic Record and placed first in the Men's 100m backstroke. 
King set an Olympic Record and placed first in the Women's 100m breaststroke. 

Just needed to mention this. I saw Le Clos's little show he put on in front of Phelps prior to their semi-final. First of all, have some respect for the best athlete in the world in your sport. Second of all, we are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Nice try. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it. Phelps expression pretty much speaks for itself. 


I watched the Women's road race yesterday and saw Annemiek van Vleuten's scary crash. She was in first place and then she lost control as she was rounding a corner (can we take a moment for the crazy course?!?! Sooo many turns!). Thankfully, she is alive and well. She did not come out unscathed though. USA Today reported that she suffered a concussion and three spine fractures. At least she is alive. For a moment there I was extremely worried. She was representing the Netherlands. 

Her teammate, Anna van der Breggen, won first place. Johansson of Sweden placed second and Borghini of Italy placed third. I read in the Guardian that Van der Breggen commented after the race and said that it was actually Johansson of Sweden who told her to go on after seeing van Vleuten on the side of the road. Johansson told her to do it for Annemiek. How amazing is that?! True sportsmanship.

After van Vleuten fell, it was actually Mara Abbott of the USA who went into first place. She was beaten in the last seconds of the race. 

Overall, loving the Olympics so far. I live for a good competition!! Excited to watch what happens next. 

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