Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Favorite Ice Cream Shops + Recipes!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!! In honor of this momentous day, I (of course) had to post. 

These are my ALL-TIME favorite Ice Cream Shops: 

Thrifty Ice Cream (Inside Rite-Aid) - For all of you true SoCal girls out there. xx 
21 Choices - Old Pasadena, CA (This location is under construction. They also have 2 in Claremont, CA). 
Cold Stone Creamery 
Mother Moo Creamery - Sierra Madre, CA
Gelato Paradiso - Newport Beach, CA 
Scoop Deck Ice Cream - Dana Point, CA 
Golden Spoon - Laguna Niguel, CA 
Lloyd's of Avalon - Catalina Island, CA 
Goody's Ice Cream - Boise, ID 

Here are some awesome ice cream recipes that I found: 

Enjoy! xx 

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