Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Handpresso Review - A Portable Espresso Machine

If you are an espresso lover like myself, then you have probably tried your fair share of espresso and espresso machines in your life. You are probably very opinionated about the subject as well. I started off with a Breville, which was the best espresso machine I have ever had. Next I had a De'Longhi. This one was good. Not as good as the Breville, but I have no complaints looking back on it.  

After the De'Longhi, I got a Capresso. Let's just say I would not suggest it. Once that broke down after 6 months, I bought a Cuisinart that eventually sort of blew up. It was the Programmable 15-Bar. My last machine was a Saeco Poemia, which was a whole other nightmare. I kept it for about 24 hours back in February. So, as you can see, I took a little break from owning an espresso machine. 

Then came the Handpresso* last month. Cue the angels singing. 

I love Mount Everest and following the expeditions going up the mountain each year. This year Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards documented their journey on Snapchat to the top of Mount Everest with no oxygen. The expedition has already ended- Cory made it and Adrian came really close. In one of their snaps, they used a Handpresso. My first thoughts were: what is this, where can I get one, and why have I not heard about this before? They were literally having espresso on Mount Everest. The idea that something like that could be possible is mind blowing. The good news is you can use it anywhere, not just on top of a mountain. 

So, what is the Handpresso? It is a portable espresso machine that has won seven major international design prizes. This means that you can go anywhere with it. You can have an espresso on top of Mount Everest, at work, or even just at home. I am not talking about just any espresso, the Handpresso produces premium-quality espresso. It tastes amazing, trust me! The Handpresso is extremely easy to use as well. It is not some crazy contraption. It is actually an extraordinary invention! 

There are only a few steps to using a Handpresso. First, you need to bring the pressure to 16 bar. You do this by pumping it like a bicycle pump. The bottom part of the Handpresso comes out and you pump it inwards until the pin reaches the green area. Then you add warm water. You place an ESE pod into the Handpresso, or you place ground espresso coffee into a pod that is then put into the Handpresso. Now you flip the machine over, wait about 10 seconds, and press the button! That is it! 

There are many different Handpresso colors. I have the Handpresso Pump Pop Pink. Fitting, right? It is very lightweight. It does not use any electricity or batteries, so it is eco-friendly! It has 16 bar pressure. Although you can use an ESE pod or ground espresso coffee in this machine, I only use ground espresso. I just prefer it. This machine is absolutely amazing! I love it so much that I have actually thought about taking it with me wherever I go... Yes, I might just have a slight espresso addiction. 

The espresso tastes exactly like the espresso from an actual machine. I don't see a difference at all. You really don't even need a household espresso machine anymore. You only need the Handpresso. It takes up less space and, like I said, it tastes just as good.  

The other Handpresso options are: 

Now, for the big finale... they also have Handpresso's specifically for your car! Check those out here

Overall, the Handpresso is one of the best inventions of all time. Everyone needs at least one in their life. The espresso tastes amazing. It is portable, lightweight, and takes up very little space. It is extremely easy to use as well. If you love espresso, you need to buy a Handpresso! Trust me, you will not regret it! 

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