Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MAVEA - Water Filtration Pitcher Review

Hi loves! Today I have a different type of review for you. I know... it may sound a little strange that someone could get super excited over filtered water, but water has always been my drink of choice and the MAVEA Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher is AMAZING! My pitcher is a 9-cup pitcher in the color eggplant. 

This MAVEA pitcher is BPA-free and German-made. It removes chlorine, benzene, and other pollutants, as well as reduces heavy metals and agricultural chemicals. It also reduces limescale build-up in appliances when used while cooking. 

The MAXTRA Advanced filter technology has a mix of activated charcoal and ion exchange resin beads to improve taste and reduce contaminants. It has a microscreen that reduces the release of carbon particles into the system. It also contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life. 

This pitcher has a meter in the handle that digitally measures the real-time status of the filter life against time, volume, and water hardness. In other words, it will tell you when you need to change your filter! This pitcher has a pour-through lid, which allows you to directly fill it without any hassle. 

The water tastes absolutely fabulous! I did a taste test- my tap water (which is said to be fantastic in the area I live) vs. the filtered water from this pitcher. I could definitely tell a difference. It tastes purer and cleaner. 

I recommend this water pitcher to everyone! Even if you think your water is just fine (like I did), try it! You will see a huge difference and never go back to drinking tap water again! 

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