Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day Singles Party Guide

Some of us have boyfriends. And that's fabulous. Other's don't. If you are one of those single ladies, the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day without watching Titanic and eating an entire tub of ice cream by yourself is to THROW A PARTY!!! I'm talking about a combination between Samantha's "I don't have a baby" shower party (Love that scene) and Kara's "I hate Valentine's Day" party. Instead of wallowing, celebrate being single. I have some ideas for how you can create the most fabulous Valentine's Day Singles Party. Here they are. 

Let's start out with food...

*Chocolate Bar! Make sure to have a large, large array of chocolate. Incorporate hearts into it (heart-shaped bowls, etc.) 
*Appetizers! Don't do anything formal. Cheese and crackers is classic. A spin on this is to take your slices of cheese and cut out hearts with a small heart cookie cutter. Another idea is heart strawberry skewers. Take large strawberries and cut out a heart with a small heart cookie cutter. Then alternate the strawberry hearts and red grapes on your skewers! Chips and salsa is always a hit. Put the salsa in a heart bowl! 

Now for drinks. My favorite drink of all time is a Shirley temple. They are perfect for Valentine's Day! Make sure to add extra maraschino cherries in each one! :D 

Decorations are key... 

*PIÑATA!!! There are two options. You can be like Kara in Valentine's Day and get a "I Hate Valentine's Day" piñata (like this one here) OR you can just get a heart piñata (like this one herehere, or here). 
*Heart Balloons! Totally essential. Check some out here

Finally, activity ideas!!

*Go to the movies- watch How to Be Single! How can you resist this movie on V-Day?? It just seems fit. 
*Watch more movies! Any Rom-Com or Romance movie will suffice! Check out my post this Friday for ideas! 
*Dance Party! Because who doesn't love a good dance party?? 
*Play Games! Never Have I Ever is always super fun. I also love Juicy Couture Clue and Sephora Monopoly. 
*Spa Night! Primping is always a fun activity! "Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy, huh?" 

Single ladies, remember to rock out to Beyonce's Single Ladies and, again, celebrate your fabulousness! What do you think about throwing a Singles Party? Will you do it? Do you have any more ideas to make it even more fantastic? Let me know in the comments below! 

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