Friday, November 6, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 27

Hi loves! In all honesty, this week my fitness was pretty disappointing. On Halloween I did 21 push-ups... that's it. I probably should have done more because of all of the chocolate I ate! haha Monday I stretched for 25 minutes. Tuesday I stretched for 25 minutes, danced for 32 minutes, and completed my Awesome Abs Workout

Yesterday I walked for 2.5 miles. Today I walked for 1 mile. Keep in mind that we have SNOW now!!! So, it is more difficult to walk around than in the summertime. 

In defense of my complete failure this week, I did start training this week for my job; so, I have been pretty busy. I know it is no excuse though. This week pretty much shows how inconsistent I can be with working out. Once I have a schedule for work and such I will be able to plan around it and get more consistent. Right now it is day by day. So, again, we shall repeat the challenge! I promise I will complete it this week, so we can move on!! haha 


Complete three of my workouts this week. You can mix up the workouts or you can keep with what you have been doing. 

You can see all of my workouts listed in the Challenge section of Week 25

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fitness Outfit Ideas

Top: Club Ride Apparel // Capri Pants: Club Ride Apparel

Top: Nike Dri-FIT // Yoga Pants: Material Girl

Top: Club Ride Apparel // Capri Pants: Club Ride Apparel // Hiking Boots: Montrail


Top: Champion // Running Shorts: ASICS

Tank Top: Ross // Yoga Pants: Material Girl 

As much fun as working out can be, the outfits are definitely just as fun. My activewear has to be super cute and comfortable. If I do not like the way it feels, I am not going to wear it. Some brands I really love are Forever 21, Material Girl, Champion, Nike, ASICS, and Club Ride Apparel. I also love the yoga pants that you can get at Target. 

I am wearing ASICS GEL-Equation 4 Running Shoes and the Forever 21 Low Impact - Space Dyed Sports Bra in these pictures. I LOVE Forever 21 sports bras!! They work really well for me. I definitely recommend you check them out. Do not be wary that they will not work just because they are Forever 21 and not Nike. I believe that Forever 21 makes some really good sports bras that have really awesome designs. 

I thought I would include a really hilarious video about activewear with this post. You absolutely have to see it. Check it out here

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