Friday, October 2, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 22

It is October 2nd, which means that there are officially 84 more days until CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, I am already thinking ahead and slightly panicking about all of the gifts that I haven't bought yet. Anyways... I cannot believe we are already in October!! Halloween is THIS month. Just unbelievable! I literally can't believe it. haha 

How did you all do on last week's challenge? Were you able to stand on one leg for 20 seconds with your eyes closed? Let me know in the comments below! I was able to do it, but it was substantially more difficult than when I keep my eyes open! 

Saturday I went for a 1 1/2 mile run. It was a combination of flat and hill running. I also walked for an extra 1 1/2 miles. Monday I walked 2 miles. On Tuesday I stretched for about 15 minutes. I also danced for 24 minutes. 

Wednesday I went on a long 7 mile walk. It was an interesting excursion... We ended up seeing four dead snakes in a row. We think it was a family and they all got ran over at once. We saw a fox on the little path that we take and it started running towards us. Naturally, we ran for our lives. We took another route back; however, I swore I saw the fox way up ahead. While I was trying to pinpoint the creature that was walking back and forth (and jumping into the bushes and then jumping back out of the bushes...) we saw two deer. They jumped the fence and started to run across the highway. Then they realized that there were cars... They ran back and jumped the fence again to get onto the path. They did not run away though. Instead, they stopped and starred at us. So, we decided to casually (not really) walk away. As we were walking, I saw the fox again! There were some small slabs of asphalt next to us, so we each took one for protection. Then we decided to take another alternate route to get back home... Thankfully, we safely got home without any harm. Literally, that fox was insane! We have seen it before too... All I am going to say is that it better not cross my path again!

Yesterday I stretched for 24 minutes and I danced for 30 minutes. I also walked about 1 1/2 miles. Today I stretched for about 10 minutes. I danced for 28 minutes as well. Afterwards, I did the Dance! Workout with Barbie workout. It is about 25 minutes long. Mentioning it in my last Fitness Friday post really got me wanting to do it again. When I was doing it, I actually remembered the entire thing- it really brought me back. If you have not done the Barbie workout, you really need to. It is life changing. Truly life changing. 


This week's challenge is just about the basics- it is making sure that you remember all of the little important things when it comes to fitness. The first thing you should do is STRETCH. Stretching is so important! It gets your blood flowing and warms up your muscles so you have a much smaller chance of getting injured. It is also really nice to be flexible. Flexibility also lessens your chances of getting injured as well. 

The second thing you should do is DRINK WATER. I love to make lists. I even put on my lists to make other lists. Lately I have been putting eight hearts on my list for each day. I fill them in when I have drank a cup of water. This system reminds me to drink water and keeps me on track for the day. It is never good when you realize you have five cups left and it is 10pm at night! :) So, find somewhere that you can put your hearts (or boxes) and start keeping track of your water intake!

The third and final thing you should do is ICE yourself when and if you are hurt. Ice reduces inflammation and reduces the pain of the injury. 

Let me know what you think of this challenge in the comments below! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter!

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