Sunday, September 6, 2015

My 19th Birthday!!

I celebrated my nineteenth birthday at the end of August. It was amazing! I can't believe I'm nineteen! This is my last year until I am in my twenties... it is still a very weird concept to grasp.

We had bear claws for breakfast (yum!!). I opened my presents- I am so fortunate to have received such awesome gifts! I got an Estee Lauder pink bag with a "19" rosette ribbon. I got The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor, a dark chocolate bar, and a blank canvas for me to paint. I also got the Haute Jersey Leopard Couture makeup palette by NYX, a Juicy Couture cupcake with a cherry on top necklace, a custom peridot necklace (my birthstone), and a MAC lipstick in Fabby. Love, love, love!!

We went to see Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Words really cannot express how amazing this movie is. It captured me from the very first scene. Right off the bat I kept saying, "No way... You have to be kidding me!! This is crazy!" It is just unbelievable. I consider myself a movie buff, so I have seen a lot of action films. By far, this is my favorite action film of all time! Tom Cruise is just the best action film star to ever live. If anyone can do a ridiculously crazy stunt (like holding onto the outside of a plane while it's taking off), it's Tom Cruise. He never fails to impress.  If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? You need to. Just do it. No excuses. haha If anything, it has Tom Cruise. Just see it for Tom Cruise. haha

After the movie we went out to dinner. We had pizza, caesar salad, and fries. I had my Shirley temple with extra maraschino cherries...because a normal amount is just not acceptable. ;) For dessert, I had my chocolate ganache cake with nineteen sugar hearts!!! I obviously did not have the whole thing, but it was sooo good- very rich!! 

There was a heart sparkler on top of my cake. I guess we did not realize that it was an actual sparkler because apparently someone said that it was used all the time and it was kind of like a candle. They said it could be used indoors. So, we thought it was "sparkler-like" and not an actual sparkler. We were wrong. It was an actual sparkler, which we later found out was for outdoor use only. When it was lit, panic ensued because my cake was on a wooden table. I ran for water, but I didn't want to ruin my cake... so I just stood there with the bowl of water and panicked. It did eventually go out without lighting the house on fire. The moral of the story is to not listen to people who say there are special sparklers that are like candles and can be used indoors on wooden tables. They are wrong. A sparkler is just a sparkler. 

My birthday was so fantastic! I remember when 19 seemed sooo far away. Now I am in my last year of my teens! I am so excited for this next year and what is to come. I can't wait to share it with you all! :D 

ps. I am wearing shorts underneath that shirt... you can't really tell, but I promise they are there!! hehe 

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