Friday, September 25, 2015

Fitness Friday is BACK!!

Hi loves! Fitness Friday is back!! I stopped for a while because I had just finished school and I went into a transition period. I did not workout very much during this time. Now I have finally started to get back into the groove this month!

On 9/12 I did 35 reverse sit-ups. On 9/13, I stretched for 35 minutes. The day after I stretched for 32 minutes and went on a 3 mi. walk. On 9/15, I stretched for 25 minutes and went on a 2.5 mi. walk. The day after I stretched for 10 minutes. 

On 9/17, I stretched for 23 minutes. The day after I stretched for 48 minutes. I also did a segment on two different workout DVDs. I did the Circuit Training segment from the Caribbean Workout Abs, Buns, and Thighs DVD. I did the Core and Legs segment from the Caribbean Workout Core Pilates DVD. I LOVE the Circuit Training segment. It reminds me a lot of my Dance! Workout with Barbie VHS that I used to do as a child! :D 

Sunday I went on a 4.5 mi. walk. Monday I stretched for 15 minutes. On Tuesday I went on a 3.5 mi. walk. On Wednesday I stretched for 36 minutes. I also did the Circuit Training from the Caribbean Workout Abs, Buns, and Thighs DVD. I did 20 reverse sit-up and 30 Russian twists. I did 2 x 20 sit-ups with both legs bent in the air (it looks like your sitting in a chair but you are on your back). I did 5 each direction of circular crunches (you circle your arms and as you go forward, you raise your chest/back up slightly... this exercise works your waist). I also did 10 each of one-legged pike-ups (opposite arm, opposite leg). 

Yesterday I went on a 4 mi. walk. Today I went on a 2 mi. walk and I stretched for 15 minutes.


This week's challenge is going to be simple and fun! I recently read a very interesting study... Before I tell you what it is, first see if you can do the challenge! Stand on one leg with your eyes open. There is a large chance that you just did that with ease for more than 20 seconds. Now stand on one leg again, but this time close your eyes. It is significantly more difficult, isn't it? Apparently you are supposed to be able to stand on one leg with your eyes closed for at least 20 seconds. If you cannot do this, you could have damage to the small blood vessels in your brain, which in turn means that you are at high risk for a stroke (AARP). If you can do it, you have good brain health!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Fall is here!! Since today is officially the first day of Fall, I thought I would do The Fall Favorites Tag. This tag was created by Jaclyn Hill! Fall time is  one of my favorite times of the year. Where I live it tends to be extremely short-lived, so I like to enjoy it while it lasts!

Favorite Candle 

Salted Caramel from Bath & Body Works is absolutely amazing! It is a mix of salted caramel, sweet cream, and warm vanilla. I am addicted to anything and everything caramel and vanilla, so this candle is like heaven to me! I do not tend to gravitate towards the pumpkin scents during fall. I always go for vanilla, caramel, musk, and wood scents. If you are like me, you will definitely love this candle!

Favorite Lip Color

Clinique Different Lipstick in Think Bronze is my fall go-to color. It is a pink-y bronze with gold pearl. This lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! It does not look like the picture on Clinique's website at all. There is a lot of gold in this lipstick that does not show up in that picture.

Favorite Drink 

I love caramel steamers and decaf caramel latte's with extra whipped cream!! They are just the best!

Favorite Blush 

My favorite blush is Posy Pink in my Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette. It is similar to Rosy in The Master Class I Palette and Rosy Pink in the new ART. LOVE. COLOR. Master Class palette. Posy Pink is the color of a dark pink rose with gold sparkles throughout. Sparkles in a blush can seem pretty scary, but Smashbox did a great job with not making the sparkles look crazy on the face. They just give a hint of gold highlight instead of looking like you just put loose glitter on your face. It is highly pigmented. During the fall/winter time I tend to lose my tan. I like a pretty blush that will awaken my face and bring life to it. This blush does a great job at that! Pink blushes go with practically every lipstick or lip gloss, so this blush is very universal as well.

Favorite Clothing Item 

Boots! I love all boots- I don't discriminate... Cowboy, heeled, not heeled, tall, booties, black, brown, pink, purple, studded, sparkly, fringe, edgy, sophisticated, girly... You name it and I will wear it! I am simply addicted to boots of every kind!

Favorite Fall Movie 

This is a really difficult one to answer because I have a slight movie addiction. So, I cannot just choose one movie. It is just not possible. I can list my favorite fall movies though. Football starts at the beginning of fall. My favorite NFL movie is Jerry Maguire. My favorite college movie is Rudy. My favorite high school movies are Remember the Titans and The Blind Side.

I love Chocolat, which is not centered around fall time at all. It is actually centered around Lent; however, it does give off a lot of fall vibes. If you haven't seen the movie, just trust me on this one. It will remind you of fall time... and it stars Johnny Depp (BONUS!). I love Into the Woods! The music in this movie is incredible. Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland (2010), and Cinderella with Whitney Houston and Brandy always remind me of Halloween, so I love to watch those during the fall time. 

There are some Halloween-specific movies that I love as well. I feel like A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff falls into this category simply because there is a Halloween dance. I love this movie. It will never get old! I also love the Halloweentown series!! I have been watching those for the longest time! Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actress of all time, so it wouldn't be right if I did not include Practical Magic. This movie is a little scary in my opinion, but I need one movie on my fall list like that! Love, love, love!

Lastly, there will always be Harry Potter. There would just be no fall time without him. Harry Potter. All day. Every day.

Favorite Fall TV Show

One word: NASHVILLE!!! If you do not watch this TV show, what are you doing with your life? You need to see it! It is definitely one of my favorite TV show's of all time!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food 

In order to answer this question, I may have to cheat a little bit. My favorite Thanksgiving dinner foods are ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is apple pie with vanilla ice cream. :)

Favorite Halloween Costume 

When I was 5 years old, I was a Flower Fairy for Halloween. The costume was so elaborate (my mom bought it online) and so beautiful! I was in a stage where I was addicted to flower fairies (I still love them to this day though). I had an all-out flower fairy birthday party, I was given a large porcelain flower fairy to hang from the ceiling... I was really into it. It is really amazing that my mom was able to find me such an awesome costume at that time. There are a lot of different costumes to choose from; however, I have not seen a flower fairy costume (or someone dressed as a flower fairy) to this day.

What are some of your favorite things during the fall season? I tag all of you, so let me know your answers in the comments below!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Get the Look for Less: Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Diane von Furstenberg // $348  /// Revolve Clothing ///  Lucca Couture // $96

$24.90  // Forever 21 //  $24.80

Quay Australia // $28.78 // Love Culture  ///  $12.95 // Buckle
Dolce & Gabbana // $1,545 // Saks Fifth Avenue
 Miu Miu // $1,100 // Neiman Marcus  ///  Joan Boyce // $129.90 // HSN

Now that we are heading into fall, it is time to start purchasing some new fall fashion! Being able to wear a lot of designer clothing is most likely all of our dream, but that is not always possible. Designer clothing comes with a big price tag. Instead of wishing you could buy that one pair of shoes, there is always another option. I have chosen a few pieces from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter collection and I found two similar items for each piece. They are all super cute!! They are also less expensive. 

Let me know in the comments below which "Get the Look" you like the best! Also let me know which designer you would like me to do next!    

*All of the above pictures were not taken by me; therefore, they are not mine.     

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

The Mint Julep Masque is for oily and acne prone skin. This product was developed by a dermatologist. It is a complexion solution that deeply cleanses and refreshes. It is said to rinse away blackheads, dry up acne pimples, and help shrink large pores. It is also said to refresh, relax tired muscles, and ease tension lines on the face and neck, so it can be used by people who do not have any skin problems.

I purchased the huge 12oz because I had a feeling that it was going to be amazing... and it is!!! Let's just talk about the smell of this first. It smells strongly of mint. If you love the smell of mint, you will fall in love with this mask because it is absolutely fantastic! The mask is green so you can have a Wicked Witch of the West moment while it's on, which is always super fun. 

The Mint Julep Masque makes a lot of claims, so I put each one to the test. I found that it does everything that it says it will do. It deep cleanses and refreshes. My pores and blackheads were diminished. It dried up my blemishes. My face was left looking glowy and feeling relaxed. I tried this mask at night. When I woke up in the morning, my face looked great! I saw a huge difference from the night before. 

I love this mask so much that I think I am going to use it every other day. I definitely do not think I could live without it! I recommend it for everyone who has normal, combination, and oily skin. It might be too drying for those with dry skin, but for the price, it doesn't hurt to just try it out!

Price Description:  
3 oz: $3.99 or $3.59 with Beauty Club Card
12 oz: $5.49 or $5.29 with Beauty Club Card 

I purchased this product at Sally Beauty. You can find it here.

All the factual information from this review was found on and on the product. Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter,and Pinterest!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Color of the Month - September

Cue Earth, Wind, and Fire because it is September! This means that it is fall time (although not officially until the 23rd) and, more importantly, FOOTBALL TIME!! Wooo! (Go Trojans) As much as I love summer, nothing beats football season. I am excited for this month. Even though the official start of the new year is January 1st, I still feel like September is also the start of new beginnings as well. Since school always starts around September, I feel like this month will always evoke a fresh start (at least in my mind).

The color of September is Baja Blue. It is a purple-y blue that resonates with beauty, purity, and wisdom.

Three characteristics that describe this color are... 


It eases tension, promotes tranquility, and opens the mind up to a different point of view. It also increases your aesthetic abilities and refines your communication skills. It can be used to help discern information or to help organize your life.

How do I know about the color of the month? I found all of the information in the book Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt. You can find it here.

What do you think about the color of the month? Let me know in the comments below! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My 19th Birthday!!

I celebrated my nineteenth birthday at the end of August. It was amazing! I can't believe I'm nineteen! This is my last year until I am in my twenties... it is still a very weird concept to grasp.

We had bear claws for breakfast (yum!!). I opened my presents- I am so fortunate to have received such awesome gifts! I got an Estee Lauder pink bag with a "19" rosette ribbon. I got The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor, a dark chocolate bar, and a blank canvas for me to paint. I also got the Haute Jersey Leopard Couture makeup palette by NYX, a Juicy Couture cupcake with a cherry on top necklace, a custom peridot necklace (my birthstone), and a MAC lipstick in Fabby. Love, love, love!!

We went to see Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Words really cannot express how amazing this movie is. It captured me from the very first scene. Right off the bat I kept saying, "No way... You have to be kidding me!! This is crazy!" It is just unbelievable. I consider myself a movie buff, so I have seen a lot of action films. By far, this is my favorite action film of all time! Tom Cruise is just the best action film star to ever live. If anyone can do a ridiculously crazy stunt (like holding onto the outside of a plane while it's taking off), it's Tom Cruise. He never fails to impress.  If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? You need to. Just do it. No excuses. haha If anything, it has Tom Cruise. Just see it for Tom Cruise. haha

After the movie we went out to dinner. We had pizza, caesar salad, and fries. I had my Shirley temple with extra maraschino cherries...because a normal amount is just not acceptable. ;) For dessert, I had my chocolate ganache cake with nineteen sugar hearts!!! I obviously did not have the whole thing, but it was sooo good- very rich!! 

There was a heart sparkler on top of my cake. I guess we did not realize that it was an actual sparkler because apparently someone said that it was used all the time and it was kind of like a candle. They said it could be used indoors. So, we thought it was "sparkler-like" and not an actual sparkler. We were wrong. It was an actual sparkler, which we later found out was for outdoor use only. When it was lit, panic ensued because my cake was on a wooden table. I ran for water, but I didn't want to ruin my cake... so I just stood there with the bowl of water and panicked. It did eventually go out without lighting the house on fire. The moral of the story is to not listen to people who say there are special sparklers that are like candles and can be used indoors on wooden tables. They are wrong. A sparkler is just a sparkler. 

My birthday was so fantastic! I remember when 19 seemed sooo far away. Now I am in my last year of my teens! I am so excited for this next year and what is to come. I can't wait to share it with you all! :D 

ps. I am wearing shorts underneath that shirt... you can't really tell, but I promise they are there!! hehe