Friday, April 17, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 15

Hi loves! How did walking as a workout go for you? Where did you walk- on the sidewalk, at the beach, around a track? Let me know in the comments below!

I feel like I'm always talking about the weather in my posts, but, honestly, I am starting to get concerned. It was full on snowing one day this week. The very next day it was hot and sunny. Is this normal?! This cannot possibly be normal... haha 

I bought some new running shoes this week! They are ASICS GEL-Equation running shoes. I really recommend them - they are awesome! I walked in them this week. They will also come in handy for this week's challenge! :D 
I only walked this week. I walked for a total of 20 miles!! On Sunday I walked for 1 mile. Monday I walked for 6 miles. Wednesday I walked for 4.5 miles. Yesterday I walked for 5 miles and today I walked for 3.5 miles.


The challenge for this week is a combination of walking, jogging, and running! I have two different versions - one is a treadmill interval workout and the second is an outdoor workout. Choose one of these workouts to incorporate into your regular workout routine once this week. If you are so inclined, try out both! :D

Treadmill Interval Workout - 45 Minutes

Set the grade to 0.5%. This allows you to run on a flat surface as if you are on a track. You will be running on a slightly downward slant if you keep it at 0% grade. 

Minutes     Level
0-10               4
10-12             5
12-14            5.5
14-16             6
16-18            6.5
18-20            7
20-22           7.5 
22-23            8
23-25           7.5
25-27            7
27-29           6.5
29-31            6
31-33           5.5
33-35            5
35-45            4

If you are interested in knowing the treadmill pace conversions, check out this chart here. It is really helpful!

Outdoor Workout - approx. 45 Minutes

This workout should be a total of 4 miles. The distance is a little bit hard to gauge on your own. If this helps, remember that approx. 16 city blocks is equal to 1 mile. If this doesn't help, you can always drive your route and figure out the mileage that way. 

Walk for 1 mile as a warm-up. 

For the next 2 miles, you are going to alternate. Run fast for one telephone poll and jog/walk for one telephone poll. If you don't have telephone polls where you are going to walk, pick trees. So, choose a tree far ahead of you and run to it. Once you've done this, pick another tree an equal distance away as the last tree and jog/walk to it. Keep doing this for 2 miles! If you don't have telephone polls or trees, just try your best to alternate for a substantial distance. You can really choose the distance and the speed you do this workout in to suit your level. 

Walk for 1 mile as a warm down.

Where do you plan on running? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter!

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