Friday, April 24, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 16

Hi loves! I am getting really close to finishing up school, which is why I haven't posted much in awhile. I have a little over one month left!! You will definitely be seeing a lot more frequent posts from me once I am finished. :)

Last week's challenge combined walking, jogging, and running. You can check that out here. How did you do? Which challenge did you choose - treadmill or outdoor? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday I did my Outdoor Workout from last week. It went really well! Sunday I went to the pool and swam a 1500 (60 laps). I alternated between freestyle and pulling. On Monday I went on a 3.5 mile walk. On Tuesday I went for a 4.5 mile walk. Yesterday I did a short 1.5 mile walk. Today I did two segments, Core and Abs & Core Muscles, off of the Caribbean Workout Core Pilates DVD. 


This week's challenge is a combination of a couple of challenges from the past.

1. If you did the Treadmill Interval Workout last week, do the Outdoor Workout this week. If you did the Outdoor Workout last week, do the Treadmill Interval Workout this week. If you don't have the option of running on a treadmill or if it isn't possible to run outdoors, then just stick with the workout you chose last week. Either way, complete it once.

2. Complete each of these workout's at least once:

What do you think of this workout? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 15

Hi loves! How did walking as a workout go for you? Where did you walk- on the sidewalk, at the beach, around a track? Let me know in the comments below!

I feel like I'm always talking about the weather in my posts, but, honestly, I am starting to get concerned. It was full on snowing one day this week. The very next day it was hot and sunny. Is this normal?! This cannot possibly be normal... haha 

I bought some new running shoes this week! They are ASICS GEL-Equation running shoes. I really recommend them - they are awesome! I walked in them this week. They will also come in handy for this week's challenge! :D 
I only walked this week. I walked for a total of 20 miles!! On Sunday I walked for 1 mile. Monday I walked for 6 miles. Wednesday I walked for 4.5 miles. Yesterday I walked for 5 miles and today I walked for 3.5 miles.


The challenge for this week is a combination of walking, jogging, and running! I have two different versions - one is a treadmill interval workout and the second is an outdoor workout. Choose one of these workouts to incorporate into your regular workout routine once this week. If you are so inclined, try out both! :D

Treadmill Interval Workout - 45 Minutes

Set the grade to 0.5%. This allows you to run on a flat surface as if you are on a track. You will be running on a slightly downward slant if you keep it at 0% grade. 

Minutes     Level
0-10               4
10-12             5
12-14            5.5
14-16             6
16-18            6.5
18-20            7
20-22           7.5 
22-23            8
23-25           7.5
25-27            7
27-29           6.5
29-31            6
31-33           5.5
33-35            5
35-45            4

If you are interested in knowing the treadmill pace conversions, check out this chart here. It is really helpful!

Outdoor Workout - approx. 45 Minutes

This workout should be a total of 4 miles. The distance is a little bit hard to gauge on your own. If this helps, remember that approx. 16 city blocks is equal to 1 mile. If this doesn't help, you can always drive your route and figure out the mileage that way. 

Walk for 1 mile as a warm-up. 

For the next 2 miles, you are going to alternate. Run fast for one telephone poll and jog/walk for one telephone poll. If you don't have telephone polls where you are going to walk, pick trees. So, choose a tree far ahead of you and run to it. Once you've done this, pick another tree an equal distance away as the last tree and jog/walk to it. Keep doing this for 2 miles! If you don't have telephone polls or trees, just try your best to alternate for a substantial distance. You can really choose the distance and the speed you do this workout in to suit your level. 

Walk for 1 mile as a warm down.

Where do you plan on running? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 14

Hi loves! How was everyone's week? Did you complete the challenge? Let me know in the comments below! 

It was raining a lot this week! I actually woke up to a little bit of fresh powder on the ground on a couple of mornings. The entire United States is experiencing some crazy weather right now, so I am not going to complain. But, let's be real. As much as it is advertised that spring is all about flowers and sunshine, it is not. It is really all about the rain. To sum it up, just look at this pin I have on Pinterest here. Accurate, isn't it? 

I did manage to go on quite a few walks despite the weather. On Monday I went on a 4.25 mile walk. After two years of living where I live, I finally understand the numbered wooden signs on the side of the walking/biking paths. They say what mile you're on. It is truly genius. I am still feeling a bit dumb for not putting two and two together sooner, but that is not the point. The point is that I've had a revelation and it feels good! haha 

On Tuesday I stretched for 14 minutes (not quite sure why I stopped one short of 15). I also did my Fabulous Arm Workout and my Awesome Abs Workout. Yesterday I went on a 3 mile walk. Today I went on a 3 mile walk as well. I also did my Lovely Legs Workout and my Bomb Butt Workout.


Let's talk about walking! It may sound extremely boring and useless, however it is not! I touched on it a bit last week. I want to expound upon it for this week's challenge. The Mayo Clinic says that brisk walking trims your waistline, helps you to maintain a healthy weight, strengthens your bones, lifts your mood, and helps you to improve your balance and coordination. Your challenge is to go on a brisk walk at least once this week. 

Before walking plan out different routes you can take, so you can always have them at hand in the future. Map out the courses that are difficult and the ones that are easy. You can pick your course based off of your energy level or mood that day. You don't have to just walk around your neighborhood. Be creative! 

In Southern California, many people go on long walks at the beach. Why? The sand creates resistance, increasing the difficultly of your workout (especially in dry sand). Many people walk (and run) around the Rose Bowl. It is practically a bonafide socialization hot spot. If you do not have a specific exercise area close by that everyone populates, walk around a track. Make sure to use the outside lane or second to the outside lane- track protocol when walking lol.

Remember to bring a friend when you go walking. It is important to always use the buddy system. Plus, it's a win-win situation. You can chat with your friends and still burn calories!!

In last week's post I said to wear hiking shoes or ankle weights when walking if you want a challenge. I do recommend you start out easy with regular walking shoes and no additional weight. There are many important factors you should look at when purchasing walking shoes: comfort, stability, cushion, breathability, heel and arch support (depending on what your feet need). Tread can also be important. If you are walking on concrete, tread is not that important. If you are walking by a river, through rocky or wooded areas, or on any other unstable surface, tread is important. 

Make sure to compare the features of different walking shoes with these factors in mind the next time you purchase a pair! If you are buying them in a store, ask one of the sales associates their opinion on which walking shoe is right for you and where you walk.

Where do you plan on walking? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Twitter!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 13

Hi loves! This week was full of surprises (I'll get to that in a moment). :D It is now April and Easter is almost here! Yay!! How did you do on last week's challenge? Let me know in the comments below!!

Saturday I went on a 3 mile walk. On Monday I went on a 5 mile walk. Of course every walk I go on is an experience. Let me tell you what happened. So, I'm walking and minding my own business when it comes to interfering with nature. Next thing you know I look down and on my black pants is a GINORMOUS bumblebee (the size of a quarter, perhaps larger) just sitting on my leg. It was black, yellow, and fuzzy- the horror... the sheer horror. I proceeded to swat my leg with my jacket (the bee fell off) and then frantically run away like a crazy person while waving my jacket in the air. Not one of my most attractive moments. I was definitely scarred by that moment. I think it was my perfume that attracted it to me. My perfume wasn't floral though, so who knows. 

Anyways, I have a tip for you when you go walking. Wear hiking shoes because they are heavier than lightweight running/walking shoes. It will help you define your legs much faster. An alternative to this is to just wear ankle weights. Start off easy though! Don't assume you can do five pounds on each leg starting off. That could be disastrous when you wake up the next day basically bedridden (which isn't the point of working out). haha

Today I went to Barre Buns. It probably was not the best idea due to my hip. I had to modify some of the exercises. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am not currently a Rockette, so high kicking isn't in my best interest at the moment.


For those of you who couldn't do last week's challenge (aka moi - although Barre Buns is somewhat similar), you are in luck! I am extending the challenge another week. For those of you who did it, do it again! It is really good to form habits when it comes to exercise. For those of you who didn't do it, this is your chance! Here are the links: 

Workout #2: Awesome Abs Workout
Workout #4: Bomb Butt Workout

To challenge yourself even further, use ankle weights when performing the Lovely Legs Workout and the Bomb Butt Workout!! If you don't own any, go outside and perform the workouts with hiking shoes (or your heaviest pair of athletic shoes). Adding that extra resistance will really work your muscles and help you define your legs and butt faster! 
What do you think about this challenge? Let me know in the comments below!!