Friday, March 20, 2015

Fitness Friday - Week 11

Happy First Day of Spring!!! Finally! I'm officially on Spring Break, so one goal of mine is to rearrange my closet. I find joy in reorganizing... Plus, since it is now Spring, I'm going to put away all of my fall/winter clothes and get out my spring/summer clothes. Trust me, it's going to be a real party. What are y'all doing for Spring Break, or what did you do? Let me know in the comments below!

Let's talk fitness! Monday I stretched for 20 minutes and danced for  42 minutes. I also did my Lovely Legs Workout, which was the challenge last Friday (see it here). Tuesday I stretched for 20 minutes and danced for 38 minutes. On Wednesday I stretched for 22 minutes and danced for 48 minutes.

Yesterday I stretched for 10 minutes and danced for 30 minutes. I did not have much time to workout! I cannot seem to get used to the time change. I always have no problem adjusting, but this time it's just not working out! haha

Today I went to Barre Buns. It was difficult! My instructor introduced so many new exercises- I was definitely feeling the burn. I went on the elliptical on an easy level 3 for 20 minutes afterwards. When I got home I decided to challenge myself even further by also doing my Lovely Legs Workout.


Your challenge is to complete this workout 1-2 times this week.

Some notes for the workout: 

-Glute Kickbacks: Stand up straight with your feet together. Kick one leg back behind you, feeling your glutes contract, and bring it back towards the ground (let it hover a few inches above the ground). Continue and repeat with your other leg.

-Donkey Side Kicks: Starting on all fours, lift one leg up to the side and back down. Not only should your leg be at a 90 degree angle, but you should raise your leg to the side until you reach a 90 degree angle. Continue and repeat with your other leg.

-Donkey Side Kick Extensions: On all fours, lift your leg up to the "top" of your donkey side kick. Instead of bringing your leg back down, extend your leg out. Do not just straighten your leg. Make sure to extend your leg directly behind you.

-Lying Down in L-Position Leg Lifts and Leg Circles: Lie down on your side with one arm supporting your head. Bring your legs directly in front of you, creating an L shape. Lift the top leg and bring it back down. Switch sides to repeat with your other leg. The leg circles should be done in the same L-position except you are keeping your leg lifted the entire time and circling it. Make sure to do your circles in both directions!

What do you think about this Bomb Butt Workout? Let me know in the comments below!

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