Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Rainy Day

 Raincoat: Calvin Klein // Shirt: +Alprausch // Purse: Rampage// Boots: Twiggy London

The weather right now is in an in-between stage where we are not in winter anymore, but we are not in spring yet. What follows is a frustrating decision on what to wear. Thankfully it was raining, so what to wear started and ended with my Calvin Klein raincoat. I finally had the chance to wear it! I posted a FAB Finds on it back in December (see it here). It was snowing at the time.

I really love the pleat on the back of this raincoat. It draws your eye down the back, creating a slimming effect. I wore my +Alprausch long sleeve shirt with it. Hearts are my favorite shape, so naturally I love the design on this! I think the large heart with the little hearts and stars around it is fabulous. I wore the scarf my friend gave to me as a gift (see my post on it here). Overall, I love this look! It is really casual and warm: two things you want at outfit to be on a rainy day! 

What is your favorite thing to wear on a rainy day? Let me know in the comments below!

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