Thursday, January 8, 2015

Color of the Month - January

Can you believe we are already a week into January? It seems like just yesterday I was watching the ball drop on TV and waking up the next morning to watch the Rose Parade. Now that resolutions (or in my case, goals) have been made, all we have to do focus on is accomplishing them. The color of the month is Caramel. It is ironic how the color of January is the very sweet indulgence that some people (those who are on a mission to get healthy) are trying to avoid. I'm not one of those people. :D

Here is the good news. Caramel can be used by anyone to help attain goals, which is fitting for this time of the year. It is said to increase patience, tenacity, and endurance. 

The three characteristics that describe Caramel are...


If you wear and/or surround yourself with this color, you will have increased discipline, focus, and self-control because the earth tones in Caramel help make you feel stable and responsible. 

How do I know about the color of the month? I found all of the information in the book Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt. You can find it here.

What do you think about the color of the month? Let me know in the comments below!

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