Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sun Valley Festivities

I went to Sun Valley, Idaho with my mom for their Christmas Tree lighting. It was so much fun! It was literally like a Winter Wonderland. Snow was falling, carolers were singing, and the trees were all lit up. Everything about Sun Valley in the wintertime is magical!

Our first stop was Konditorei, the best restaurant ever! We split a large mocha with extra extra whipped cream (because just a little extra is not enough). :) We also split a pumpkin chocolate chip breakfast bread. Oh my goodness gracious! Why they call it breakfast bread I don't know because it is delectable! Moist, chocolaty, and just enough pumpkin - Amazing!!

Once our appetites were satisfied, we went to see the Christmas Tree lighting! 

Here I am standing in front of the tree. It's not as large as the Christmas Tree at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA; but, it is still beautiful! The picture doesn't fully capture the beauty of the tree. It was dark outside, so we had to put on the flash. By doing so, the full ambiance of the night/tree wasn't fully captured.

This is my mom and me!

We then went inside the Inn. I'm giving the camera some attitude before the real picture is taken! 

And this is the real picture... hehe

We went back outside to look at the beautiful ice sculptures! I don't understand how someone can carve these pieces of art out of ice... it's amazing! 

I had so much fun in Sun Valley! I especially loved the ice chair. I have had a running thing going since I was a child... I have pictures of myself sitting in abnormally large chairs. This picture will add to my collection! :)

Have you gone somewhere special this holiday season, or do you plan to go anywhere special? Let me know in the comments below!

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