Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Favorite Holiday Nail Polishes: Metallics and Sparkles

All three of these nail polishes are by ORLY. I love their formula- they make a great nail polish! The polish itself does not streak and is not too liquidy or goopy. It's just right!

Halo ~ This is gorgeous! It is not chunky like most glitters. I usually have to dig around the bottle with the brush to try and "scoop" out the glitter. I don't have to do that anymore! It has a perfect consistency. I just apply it as I would apply any other polish. There are tiny specks of gold and silver glitter with larger silver circles. One coat will give you a light glitter on top of any color. Two coats will not show any bottom coat. It will just look like glitter!

Sea Gurl ~ This is a gunmetal nail polish. It has that gunmetal gray with a hint of silver. The silver catches the light and makes it shimmer. This is an edgier nail polish. It would pair well with a fancy dress and a leather jacket with black booties. Using this would be the alternative to the traditional red and the festive gold/silver polish. It is a more appropriate version of black for this holiday season because it is not as harsh. 

Luxe ~ Gold. Beautiful gold. It has some hints of silver, as did Sea Gurl, that reflect off the light and make it shimmer. You cannot go wrong with this color. It epitomizes the holiday season and will pair well with any outfit. This color can be worn throughout the holiday's and into New Years. Everyone needs a great gold nail polish in their life and this is just the one! 

What are your favorite holiday metallic and sparkle nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below! 

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