Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Favorite Holiday Nail Polishes: Reds

All three of these nail polishes are from Finger Paints. They are all completely different and unique. Finger Paints is one of my favorite nail polish brands. During the holiday season, you can never go wrong with red! It's the mascot color of Christmas time!

Romanticism Ruby ~ This is a combination of Romanesque Rouge and Millefio-Red. It is a darker red with pink undertones. What makes this color amazing is that it also has red sparkles! You can't deny sparkles! This is a glam color for this holiday season. Instead of wearing a plain red or adding a design, this color gives a little extra with sparkles. I love this nail polish! I will definitely be wearing it for Christmas Eve and Day!

Romanesque Rouge ~ This is a red with pink undertones. In other words, it's a pinky red! This is truly a unique color. I love wearing this nail polish as an alternative to a true red. Some people (like me) love pink for the holidays; so, this color is the perfect combination!

Millefio-Red ~ This is a cardinal red. It is plain and simple. It goes on smoothly and evenly. Overall, it's a really pretty color. If you want a darker red for the holiday season, this nail polish is fantastic!

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What are your favorite holiday red nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below!

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