Thursday, November 6, 2014

Color of the Month - November

November is the month of Thanksgiving, too much pie (although one can argue there is no such thing), blessings and traditions, fall leaves, chilly nights, and warm blankets. November is also the month of Claret Red

Claret Red is intense, passionate, and transforming. It promotes and inspires love. It also inspires strength. It helps you stay motivated as you follow your dreams.

You can use this color to...

move through a transformation
remove emotional blocks that are in your way. 
face a difficult passage.

Surround yourself with Claret Red to increase passion, conviction, and emotional fortitude. 

Try to incorporate this color into your every day life. You can wear it or surround yourself with it. This can be done through your clothing and jewelry. You can also decorate your home with a Claret Red piece, such as a throw pillow or blanket. If you are struggling in work, add a little Claret Red to your workspace. There are so many different ways you can use this color to your advantage!

How do I know about the color of the month? I found all of the information in the book Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt. You can find it here.

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