Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Decoration: Mini Pumpkin Candles!

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be scrounging the Internet for last minute decorations. I came across this simple, fun Mini Pumpkin Candle DIY and I could not resist making one!  If you would like to make one too, you will need a mini pumpkin, pencil, carving tool (you can find one in the kits they sell at the store), spoon, sharpies for decorating, and a tea light.
First, you will need to break off the stem of the pumpkin. This will make it easier for you to trace your circle. Now take the tea light and place it on the pumpkin. Trace a circle around it. You will want to make your circle smaller rather than larger because you do not want the tea light to fall through. Take your carving tool and carve out the circle you created. 
Next, take your spoon and clean out your pumpkin.
Take your tea light and "stuff" it into the pumpkin. Make sure you are being careful with it. You don't want to push it so far in that it falls through.
Now you can decorate your pumpkin! This step is optional. I decided to use a silver sharpie and draw polka dots. Then I wrote "BOO!" with a red sharpie. 

This Mini Pumpkin Candle turned out looking really great! It can be used as a decoration piece for your table or around the house. If you decide to make this, tweet me a picture of your creation! 

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